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BROWS: All Machine Technique Training Course (This replaces Microblading & Shading)Learn: Machine Hairstrokes & Shading, PowderBrows & OmbreBrows in 1 course! Online BEGINS Oct 3-17 and IN-PERSON Days are Oct 18-20


Tuition INCLUDES: 2 Weeks ONLINE THEORY with weekly ZOOM class, 3-Day LIVE HANDS-ON. You will receive a Student Kit which includes a MACHINE and all the supplies you will need to start taking clients as soon as you're CERTIFIED!

  • Learn the TECHNIQUES that are GREAT for ALL SKIN TYPES! If you only learn MICROBLADING, you are MISSING OUT on a LARGE number of clients because that service IS NOT GOOD for ALL skin types.
  • NanoBrows (aka Machine Hair Strokes) is way LESS TRAUMATIC to the skin!
  • Lasts LONGER than MICROBLADING (3-5 yrs)
  • 2 weeks of Online Theory to make sure you have a good foundation and understanding before you EVER touch a client! You will have a ZOOM class each week for LIVE feedback from your Trainer!
  • Home kit to practice with BEFORE coming to the studio to work on your Models
  • Learn all the NEW Techniques and Looks in ONE class!
  • Work on 4 Models, NOT just one so that you feel completely COMPETENT in your technique so that you can SAFELY and CONFIDENTLY perform this service on your clients!
  • You will learn MULTIPLE ways to do Machine Hair Strokes and Machine Shading to give your clients the EXACT look they want!
  • You OWE IT TO YOURSELF to INVEST in a training program that will PREPARE you to be SUCCESSFUL, not one that leaves you feeling like you've WASTED your money!
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BROWS: All Machine Techniques (ONLINE ONLY)


This is an ONLINE ONLY Course

  • You will get everything listed above (in the Hybrid Brow Course) 
  • You will have 3 WEEKS of ONLINE TRAINING with 1 week being HANDS-ON practice with latex.
  • Since you don't have clients to work on, you will need to submit photos and/or videos of your work.
  • You will get your Certificate upon COMPLETION of this course.

Fundamentals of Permanent Cosmetics (Online BEGINS Sept 12- Oct 10 and In-Person Days are Oct 11-13) You will learn: 3 Brow techniques, LipBlushing & Eyeliner!


Tuition includes 8 WEEKS of ONLINE TRAINING with weekly ZOOM class, 5 DAYS In-Person with 4 DAYS Hands-On. You will have a total of 8 models to work on! You will receive a Professional Starter Kit which INCLUDES machine!

  • You will have 4 weeks of Online Training before you come to the Studio for week 5 (Your Hands-On Week)
  • You will be Certified in ALL areas of Permanent Cosmetics! (Machine Hairstrokes, PowderBrows, OmbreBrows, LipBlushing and Eyeliner!!)
  • This is the MOST IN-DEPTH Training you will find! You will leave CONFIDENT in what you're doing
  • 8 Models will allow you to begin your Portfolio to show off your work for Promotion
  • Begin an IN-DEMAND career and find your way to FINANCIAL FREEDOM!

Areola Restoration & Scar Camouflage


Tuition Includes: 8 WEEKS Online Training and 5 Days Hands-On. You will work on 8 MODELS! You will also receive a Professional Starter Kit which INCLUDES a Xion Machine!

  • Your Instructor was trained by the BEST! Certified at Beau Institute and Artistically trained and Certified by Stacie Rae, BOTH leaders in the industry!
  • You will have 7 weeks of ONLINE Theory before coming to the Studio during week 8 in which you will work on 8 models!
  • When you COMPLETE this course, you will be PREPARED to begin your journey as a PARAMEDICAL TATTOO ARTIST!
  • Your Professional Starter Kit INCLUDES a Xion Machine!

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