Le Chic Ink Academy of Cosmetic and Paramedical Tattooing



Microblading & Shading Training (Online portion BEGINS Aug 15-28 and LIVE IN-PERSON HANDS-ON DAYS are Aug 29th & 30th))


Tuition INCLUDES: 2 Weeks ONLINE THEORY with weekly ZOOM class, 2-Day LIVE HANDS-ON and a Tina Davies Student Kit so you can begin working as soon as you're CERTIFIED!

  • Not your BASIC 2-Day Training that leaves you still unsure!
  • 2 weeks of Theory to make sure you have a good foundation and understanding before you EVER touch a client! You will have a ZOOM class each week for LIVE feedback from your Trainer!
  • Learn all the NEW Techniques and Looks in ONE class!
  • Work on 4 Models, NOT just one so that you feel completely COMPETENT in your technique so that you can SAFELY and CONFIDENTLY perform this service on your clients!
  • You will learn MULTIPLE ways to do Manual Shading to give your clients the EXACT look they want!
  • You OWE IT TO YOURSELF to INVEST in a training program that will PREPARE you to be SUCCESSFUL, not one that leaves you feeling like you've WASTED your money!
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