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Give your Social Media Marketing a MAKEOVER and get noticed by potential clients!

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Don't let your FEARS get in the way of your SUCCESS! 

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Want to become a client magnet? Learn how to ATTRACT your PERFECT CLIENTS and keep your books FULL!


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Chose from SPECIFIC topic-based workshops that will help you hone in on a specific skill that you feel you need help with. These topics are all in the Mentorship and Business Coaching Programs but if you feel you only need help in a certain area, this may be just what you need to push your business ahead in the RIGHT direction! These WORKSHOPS are GROUP sessions with a Business Coach that go over a set TOPIC each MONTH and are broken down into WEEKLY WORKSHOPS on a specific part of the TOPIC. This helps you FOCUS on that TOPIC and really gain the skills necessary to be SUCCESSFUL. For example, one month the TOPIC will be SALES, each week you will have a WORKSHOP cover a different area/skill in SALES.





 Do you feel like your business is stagnant? Are you feeling frustrated and overwhelmed?  Let me tell you, I understand! Running a business is no joke, nor is it easy. You have to wear so many hats yet no one trained you for that part of having a business. Don't worry, I've got your back! We have multiple Programs to fit your needs and your budget! Choose from 1 on 1 or Group Coaching. Both Programs are information PACKED and you will have the opportunity to work DIRECTLY with a Business Coach! There are weekly Zoom meetings that are both GROUP and INDIVIDUAL. You will also be part of a COMMUNITY of others in the Program where you will be able to reach out and team up with!





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  • 1 Hour Zoom Meeting with a Business Couch
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Financial Goal setting
  • Using Canva for Your Business
  • How to Build Your Clientele Quickly

Not sure if you're ready to commit to a Coaching or Mentorship Program but still need HELP?

Try a 1 Hour Strategy Meeting with a Business Coach to go over some of your most important questions and get guidance.

 Imagine having your very own , personal Business Coach! Yes, right there at your fingertips when you just need a little guidance and clarity.

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 What do you have to Lose? The ONLY way you will lose is if you don't at least TRY!

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  • HUGE Savings on 1-on-1 Strategy Calls with a Coach!
  • Access to a MEMBERS ONLY Facebook Group where you will be joined by others who are in one of the Beauty Bo$$ Bootcamp Programs. You will then have access to Live Meetings with Some of the Podcast Guest Speakers during a LIVE Q&A !!!!


If you are a Beauty Biz Entrepreneur and would like to help other women in this area by sharing your story you should be a GUEST SPEAKER. 

Simply CLICK to download the Podcast Questionaire. This is the basic framework for each episode and the questions you will be asked during the interview.

After you download the questionnaire, CLICK to BOOK your Zoom Interview time and your invite will be sent. This Zoom interview will be shown on IG, Facebook and the audio will go on the Beauty Bo$$ Bootcamp Podcast. If you have any questions please email Heidi Nicole at [email protected]