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Hi Eveyone,

 My name is Heidi Wooley and I am the Owner of Le Chic Ink Boutique and Academy. My background is in Esthetics and medical. I am a Licensed Advanced Esthetician, Licensed Esthetics Instructor, Certified Permanent Makeup Artist & Educator. I am also Certified in Areola Restoration Tattooing & Scar Camouflage ( which I absolutely LOVE!!) and I am a Certified Tiny Tattoo Artist.

 Ok,  now that we got all the credentials out of the way lol, let's talk about your future and why I want to help you change it!!

  My true passion is in teaching others how to be their best and be successful while balancing life and work. I believe it all starts with your training and being given a strong foundation to grow on. There are so many training programs out there so it can be difficult to know where to go to get the best education. Trust me...I know!! Iv'e spent THOUSANDS of dollars on training only to be left feeling confused and with no confidence in what I was doing. This is NO WAY to go into a new career field!

  I have put together a curriculum that will not only give you the knowledge you need but the CONFIDENCE to embark on your new journey!!

Please watch my introduction video below to hear not only a little more about the programs that Le Chic Ink has to offer but also a little more about me and my "WHY" in this Academy.

                      -Heidi Wooley





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