Hybrid Microblading & Shading Course

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Heidi Wooley


You are going to receive an OFFICIAL Tina Davies Microblading Student Kit! This is SUPER EXCITING because Tina Davies Products are the GO-TO Products of some of the LEADING PMU ARTISTS such as Shay Danielle, Sheila Bella, and Rose Prieto! You will get EVERYTHING you need to get your services rolling! We feel it's so very important to give you the BEST start which is why we are sparing no expense when it comes to the products you get in your kit.


This course is designed to give you a SOLID foundation. Most courses are 2 day in-person where you only have a day to learn theory and practice on fake skins, then you have a day to work on 1 model. We believe you need way more than that to be SUCCESSFUL! You will have 2 weeks of in-depth theory on the skin, contraindications, tools, products, color theory and SO MUCH MORE! You need to have a STRONG understanding of ALL of these things to do a good, safe and proper service! You will have videos, tests and assessments along with a ZOOM class EACH WEEK to be able to have your work checked and know all the proper techniques BEFORE coming to the hands-on part of the course!!










Welcome to Class!!

You will spend 3 Days in the Studio and have the opportunity to work on 4 MODELS! This is such a HUGE benefit to this course because in MOST Trainings you only have the chance to work on 1 MODEL and that isn't nearly enough to feel CONFIDENT! We believe in giving you the MOST, including working on LIVE MODELS so that you can gain the knowledge AND confidence needed to go out on your own and offer this service.