You will learn how to do 3 of the TOP Brow Styles in 1 training!

Why just be a "Microblader" when you can be a " BROW MASTER?!?! Learn how to create BEAUTIFUL 3D Brows with REALISTIC hairs, Give a SOFT "powdered" look, or the TRENDY OmbreBrow in ONE COURSE!


This course is COMPLETELY ONLINE and SELF-PACED. If you have a BUSY life but are wanting to ADVANCE your education then this ONLINE ONLY course is for you! You will have a WEALTH of pre-recorded video lessons that will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know to start your new career.


 You will receive your student kit in the mail. This kit includes: Tattoo Pen & Cartridges, Pigments, Practice Skins, and Brow Mapping Supplies. You will be ready to begin your journey as a BROW ARTIST!

Imagine seeing your name on this Certificate! I know you can see it now, this in a frame hanging on your wall!! All it takes is the click of a button (below) and you will be on your way! You OWE it to yourself to take this leap and BLAZE your TRAIL.

Your Instructor
Heidi Nicole